Why You Don’t Want To Be Completely Self Sufficient

Self sufficiency has been a popular subject as of late. This entire blog was actually created to help you become more self sufficient. There are tremendous benefits to becoming more self sufficient. However, there are reasons you shouldn’t want to be completely self sufficient. This post is all about why you should only take self sufficiency to a certain point.

Complete self sufficiency is next to impossible. There is good reason for this. The mindset that complete self sufficiency requires is not healthy. Your relationships will suffer and therefore it can cause feelings of loneliness. Multiple studies have been published on the negative affects of loneliness. It is also extremally difficult to keep up with the physical labor of being completely self sufficient. There is very little room for error. The stakes become much higher. Your survival is on the line.

What Does It Mean To Be Completely Self Sufficient?

Completely self sufficient people have no practical need for other human beings. Most of the content on this blog is concerning basic needs such as food, water, easy-to-make household supplies (like soap), and some simple structures. Striving for complete self sufficiency means learning how to meet all your needs all by yourself. This can be taken to the point where money becomes meaningless to you. You have no need to buy anything at all because you will produce/build/grow it.

Complete self sufficiency also includes more emotional and intellectual needs. You will learn by trial and error as opposed to seeking council. You will find ways to make yourself feel happy, loved, challenged, etc. This can be extremally difficult and arguably not even possible. Your essentially cutting everyone out of your/your family’s life. Even if you still talk to other people, you may not have as meaningful relationships with them because they can offer nothing of value to you.

Why Is Being Completely Self Sufficient A Bad Thing?

A lot of this may not sound like a bad thing. In fact, mainstream media has recently been prizing self sufficiency as a great lifestyle choice. I obviously agree with that to some extent. However there are some pretty serious downsides to completely embracing self sufficiency.

The mindset that complete self sufficiency can be damaging long term. You have to be focused on providing everything for yourself. So, you may miss out on some of the benefits of relationships. If your friends, significant others, children, etc. feel like they can’t contribute anything, it can cause significant turmoil in your relationships. It can also cause you to have a sinical view of people in general.

You also risk eliminating basic kind behaviors. Sharing with anyone other than your immediate family becomes tough. Thinking about anyone other than yourself/your family also becomes tough. You need to focus all time and resources on you and your family.

This mindset has the potential to make others feel like they aren’t important. But, it’s not healthy for you either. It’s true that you cannot depend on people for everything. However, the benefits that relationships and community have on your psychological health win out against the downsides. We need other people. We cannot live completely alone without consequences.

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Mindset is the number one reason why you should not try to be completely self sufficient. But, that’s not the only reason. There are some physical drawbacks as well.

Let’s say you get sick. If you are relying completely on yourself, you will need to complete certain tasks throughout the day in order to continue living. Depending on how sick you are, you may not be able to complete these tasks. Everything has higher stakes. So, there’s a very real possibility that not completing certain task will affect you long after you recover from your sickness.

Take this article from Better Health. It explains some of the benefits of strong social ties and the affects of long term loneliness in individuals. The affects are both mental and physical. Part of the article reads, “The benefits of social connections and good mental health are numerous. Proven links include lower rates of anxiety and depression, higher self-esteem, greater empathy, and more trusting and cooperative relationships. Strong, healthy relationships can also help to strengthen your immune system, help you recover from disease, and may even lengthen your life.” 

You will be spending all of your time maintaining complete self sufficiency. There will be very little free time in your life. This can quickly become exhausting and suck all the joy out of farming, crafting, and life in general.

Why Should You Strive For Balance?

That was a lot of information about why complete self sufficiency isn’t the best option for optimal health. This post is meant to cation you against total and complete self sufficiency. Don’t let this discourage you from trying to become more self sufficient. Many, many Americans would greatly benefit from not relying so much on the supply system, conventional farming, and really convention in general. depending on how you do it, it may help the earth as well!

Continue to question the conventional! Some things you may find are worth doing in the conventional way, but you may find creative solutions for other things that help you save money, live healthier, and/or help the environment. Always try to find balance. You want to feel good about what your doing without breaking yourself to do it.


Some self sufficiency is absolutely a good thing. However, you can take it to far. If you are trying to become completely or even close to completely self sufficient, you may not like where you end up. Exhaustion, broken relationships, loneliness, lack of excitement for life, etc. are all possible symptoms of trying to do everything yourself.

Always look for balance. This will look different for everyone. Every change that makes a positive difference in your life matters. Try thinking about one thing in your life that you could change this week. It could offset your cost of living, help you live healthier, or help the planet. It should be doable and bring you some amount of joy and/or give you some reward. Comment down below what you come up with!

I wish you all joyful farming!

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